Weekendgypsy Presenting Rishikesh Best Nature Forest Camp just 1.5 KM above Tapovan.

Heritage Camps with Local Cultural Infusion plus Adventure Actvities set up ( Zipline  and Obstacle course setup) and Infinity Natural Pool



Ecofriendly  Luxury camps lies within the natural forest ecosystem at Village Upper Ghugtyani. Well equipped with attached English Toilets and  Quick running water Geysers and all the necessities as per Green Camps Parameters 


Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

3 Meals Buffet  (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner ) + Evening Snack with Tea., Traditional Hookah.

Ground and Indoor Activities

Badminton, Bollyball, Chess, Water Hand ball, Basket Ball Single pole activity, Traditional Rular games (Marbles,Pithoo and other Team Building Nature Connect Activites), Camp fire Music sessions

Adventure Activities

Zip Line, 5 Course Obstacle

(Burma Bridge, Aerial rope Activities), Treasure hunt

in the water springs.

Daily Nature Experience Activities

Bird watching, Trek to Waterfall, Laalten Trip, Jungle trekking, Village walk and Local Cultural Sightseeing etc.

Infinity Nature Pool

Well  structured Natural Spring Water infinity pool with various depth for all age groups

Nature Connect Yoga

Interaction session with Yogis in the Ashrams, Yoga sessions, Jungle Yoga, 5 elements Yogic infusion



3 Days Yoga Detox Package

The inner strength of our qualified trainers comes from the influence of the most appropriate environment. We let our customers feel refreshed and renovated by asana, meditation, pranayama and purpose in a very natural ecosystem.

O n Fo o t , E x p l o r e R i s h i k e s h

The foot tour begins to Laxman Jhula. A suspension bridge that spans the River Ganges is the Laxman Jhula. A larger bridge, the Ram Jhula, is further downstream. You will be experience a amalgamation of spiritual and evolving cultures altogether in this tour.

An Immersion into the Evening Ganga Aarti at Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh

We visit several Ashrams and Yogshalas during the evening in GangaAarti.

Private Day Tour - Sunrise trek Nearby Van Gurjars Community and experience their Culture

The Van Gurjars community - KABILA is about 2.5 km away by road from the Forest Camp site. Here you can Visit the Kabila houses and villages and finish at a majestic waterfall.

Food Amble on Rishikesh Street

Snacks on some of Rishikesh's local delicacies and street food. Some calming Masala Tea with Honey Ginger and local mixtures are excellent for cleansing the snacks down. This walk is also an excellent chance for local people to learn how these snacks have been made and are especially popular in these areas.

Rural Village Tour

Near Forest Camp Site

It will be something special that you can enjoy in the village of Garhwal while having a quality time in the village.

Jungle Safari

Rajaji National Park Rikshikesh

The Rajaji National Park, situated on the foothills of the Shivalik Mountain range, is a perfect place to discover Uttarakhand's rich biodiversity.


The reserve includes many endangered flora and fauna species, including Asian elephants, tigers, gharials, pythons, bears, leopards and

subtropical vegetation.

Guided Night Laalten Trip

Discover the best Jungle experience with tinsel lantern experience

Caving Tour Near Rishikesh

Caving tour near Rishikesh is one of our unique tour designs. This is an excellent way to discover the local village, cave, temples, waterfall and a lot more.

Half Day Rafting in Rishikesh

This is the best part of the Rishikesh White Water Rafting Tour in India. From the start to the end of the journey, we spend about 4 hours navigating through Trilling rapids, making the entire trip enjoyable (depending upon the volume of the River). There are long, quiet pools between the rushes of the rapids where we can play sports, challenge you with a cliff jump and swim in the holy water of the Ganges.

Sitting by Campfire


Perfect blend of modern amenities with Culture and  nature's inclusion.

- Smita, Pune, India